About Doctor Sofia Yevko, Naturopathic Doctor

Medically Trained Naturally Focused

Doctor Sofia Yevko

Naturopathic Medicine has been a very important part of my life. Dr. Sofia Yevko, ND studied for four years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in their Doctor of Naturopathy Degree Program after completing a four year Bachelor Degree program at the University of Toronto. She is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. While maintaining a general health practice, she is also fiercely passionate about mental health, digestive, metabolic and hormonal concerns.

Dr. Yevko, ND values the importance of respect and listening as well as open and honest communication. She will always make sure you feel heard and understood. She strives to educate and empower her patients so that they have a better understanding of their health.

She utilizes preventative measures and uses a variety of tools and techniques to help discern the root cause of disease and treat it accordingly. She is well equipped to work with people of all ages, and finds great joy helping children and adolescents. Dr. Yevko, ND is excited to meet you and contribute positively and meaningfully to your health and wellness journey.