News From The Front Desk - Issue 1

It has been a very hectic year so far & I wanted to catch up with the patients who have gotten better but still require the odd visit. We have also had many new patients welcome us into their lives. I am blessed to be part of a dynamic health team which turns lives around & improves the quality of life for so many wonderful people. All of us at The Alliston Family Health Clinic have had our lives improved with NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE. It is our goal to share this approach to health with our patients and people in the New Tecumseth area. With that in mind I have put together this letter to update & refresh the memories of our patients. As always your feedback is welcome. Please tell us how we can improve our communications & your health care experience.

For the products that Dr. Ellis has prescribed, you can pick up between appointments. Wednesday noon to 7:00 pm is the best pick-up time. If that does not work for you, please call the office before showing up to make sure that someone can tend to your needs. Some products are ordered for specific patients. We need a heads-up before you arrive to ensure we have in stock what you require.

Please note that as your health improves, you might require changes in dosages or supplements. If you are on a maintenance program please remember to book an appointment every 6 months to update Dr. Ellis on your progress. Once your health has stabilized, it is recommended that you come in after your yearly physical. Dr. Ellis will go over your test results and update your file. Keeping your records current helps us to help you when any new issues present themselves or old ones flare up.

One of my biggest challenges is booking appointments that fit into everyone’s busy schedules. We work hard to be on time for every one of our patients. Last minute cancellations make a difficult situation even harder. That is why we have a cancellation policy along with appropriate fees. Please be careful when making your appointments. If you have to change, please give us as much notice as possible. Don’t wait for your reminder call to see if you can actually make the appointment. Someone else might have needed to use that space. We respect your time. Please respect ours.

Your messages are checked on a regular basis. Please do not hesitate to call in off hours as we will do our best to answer you the same day. When leaving a phone message always leave a contact number as I am often checking messages from home and do not always have access to your files. You may also email us at

I am happy to announce that Sarah will be adding an additional day to her practice. She has been with The Alliston Family Health Clinic since 2005. Her healing hands work wonders on tight muscles. It is always rewarding to see her clients leaving after their massages looking so relaxed.

Sarah McIntosh currently works Monday through Thursday providing Registered Massage Therapy. Please give her a call @ 705-440-7027 to book your appointment.

What can I say about Barry? He is a compassionate, competent counselor with many years of experience. He has blessed our office with his talents since 2007; dealing with grief, anger, denial and all those other quirks we try so hard to hide. If Dr. Ellis suggests that you see Barry you will be in very good hands. You may check his website to learn more about his practice.

Barry Burrows, Counselor & Hypnotherapist, helping our patients, their families & friends with their personal issues.

You can book a time to see Barry by calling 519-217-6869.

Your feedback on how to improve our services is important. Please talk to us, either in person by email or letter.