News From The Front Desk - Issue 2

I thought I would update you on two new terrific weight loss programmes we are using at The ALLISTON FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC. These have even proven very effective at getting rid of those stubborn last 10 pounds. We start by testing you on a Bio-electrical Impedance Analytical machine (BIA). This is a simple, rapid and accurate method of assessing body composition that uses electric signals at different frequencies, which are impeded variably by body water, fat and fat-free mass. Given that information we determine which programme is best suited for you.

First Line Therapy

There are a variety of food plans- one of which will suit your situation. These plans are designed to address some of the most common underlying causes of illness and inflammation, such as excess fat, blood sugar imbalance, acid-alkaline imbalance and metabolic detoxification. These plans can further be tailored to meet specific dietary needs and sensitivities.

Healthy Transformation

This program is modelled after a recent clinical study that helped patients lose weight and improve established markers for health. Designed for easier patient implementation and monitoring, it includes simple dietary and exercise recommendations, and comprehensive program support materials. Each kit contains a 12- week program guide and a 30-day supply of nutritional supplements to support weight loss and overall wellness.

Why not set up an appointment to have a BIA scan and see exactly what your body composition is?

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